Engine guard covers, or chaps as they are commonly called, have become more popular as riders extend their riding season and try to get the most out of their motorcycle regardless of the weather. They block the wind, the rain, and help to keep your legs and boots dry and warm.
So, you want to ride your bike a little bit longer? Then you've come to the right place.
A tank bib, or tank chap is designed to protect the investment in your bike's paint job at it's most vulnerable spot - where the seat and your legs meet the gas tank. Keep belt buckles, chaps, and pants from scuffing your bike, and you no longer have to worry when you shove a map, your wallet, or your phone (nobody does that, right?) between the seat and the tank.

I'm not much of a computer wiz, so even though the web site isn't the flashiest (I would rather spend my time riding or making chaps and bibs), our products are the best you can buy for your money.

One other item of note, our chaps are made right here in the USA and so are MC Enterprises Engine Guards so if you're in the market for a quality engine guard to slip your chaps onto, click on the link to the left. MC Enterprises products come highly recommended.

Please look around here to see what's available for your bike, and when you decide what you want, click the "Add to Cart" button, call me, email me, or snail mail me an order. It's up to you! Thanks and ride well, Jeff