"Another great product from Classic Chaps. Got a little confused on installation, but Jeff was readily available by phone to walk me through it." JC VROC 18008 AKA "The Mexican"
Thanks for the good word...
(It's inspiring!)
If you would like to show off your ride,
with a Classic Chaps product, just send
me an email and I'll take care of the rest.
"Jeff, I ordered the engine guard chaps and tank bib from ClassicChaps. Put them on the Kermit - my 2006 Kawasaki Nomad. They fit great and look great too! Quality is top notch, and I appreciate the way you stand behind your products.I took the bike out for test run in low 40's, running backroads at speeds upwards of 70mph. Wanted to give them a real test on how much they protect me from the cold, so I did not even put on my leg-chaps. WHAT A DIFFERENCE THE ENGINE GUARD CHAPS MAKE!!! They kept the wind off my boots and legs. They also kept the wind calmer around the engine so there was a little additional warmth keeping my legs warmer. Thanks Jeff! Great products at a great price!!!" Roseman
Here are a few photos
of the finished product installed, looks great!!!
Thanks for your trouble!!
Jim D.
Floral City. Fl
got it today, thanks. Looks great. 
take care
Thanks again for the tank bra. 
It looks and works great on my bike
and thanks for the compliments!
I received my order I placed with you today. I wanted to thank you for
your quick response...
We will take some cool photos of our bikes sporting your bibs on our trip
maybe you can use them on your website!
Hello Jeff,
First, let me thank you for your professional expediency on my order.
I took the liberty of informing my local Kawasaki dealer ( East Coast Kawasaki )
here on Rt. 1 of your product and to post your site on his accessory board,
I hope you don't mind. Thank you once again on such a paint saving product.
May God continue to pave your way.
Life is not justified by the toys
we own but more so the values we live by.

Love to live...Live to love


Jeff, I received my chaps and they fit
like a glove. I wanted to thank you for
the great product and excellent service.
Also, the communication during the process
was key to me.
I'll be sure to recommend to my friends.

Thanks so much,

Chaps arrived in perfect order. Fit just fine.
I'll post these on the forum. Dan