No matter if you call it a tank bra, bib, cover, chap, it works and looks great. Protect your tank with this synthetic leather bra made with UV resistant materials (less maintenance) and a soft liner sewn on the underside to protect the tank from scratches and abrasions.

When I looked into making these, I wanted to improve on the design and address the concern of the bra rubbing the tank at the edges of the bra. Other brands use vinyl with a fuzzy underside that is rolled and sewn to make the edge which covers the fuzzy part with vinyl. That vinyl edge can rub the tank. Our bras are assembled and then a separate lining of soft fabric is sewn on the underside, right to the outside edges so that nothing touches the paint except the soft liner. Sure it takes more time, but I'm not out to fix a problem only to create another one.

Installation is simple using attachment straps around and under the front of the tank and under the seat. Ride on, scratch free.

The tank bras are made specifically for these gas tanks for a custom fit. Plain is standard, but you can also have them studded to match the rest of your studded accessories. Colors, embroidery, conchos, fringe, or anything else? Just ask and we'll get you fixed up.

Protect your tank...
from belts, buckles, leg chaps, and the occasional stuff we wedge between the tank and the seat...(you know, like maps, directions, cell phones...)
Tank Bras are custom made to fit:
With more on the way!
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