Stay warm and dry by giving your legs some wind and rain protection with these synthetic leather covers made with marine grade UV resistant materials (less maintenance). On any ride, warm toes and dry feet are a must, and these do the trick. Even on a foggy morning or misty roads they work to keep you dry and they're quick and easy to take on and off.

They come with a heavy duty zip loc bag for storage and they'll fit in most any nook or cranny with the rest of your gear, ready to keep you riden' at moment's notice.

Installation is simple, just slip the chap on to the appropriate side of the engine guard and hook the upper straps together with the stainless steel keeper or around the upper mounting brackets, then attach the hook and loop mounting straps around the lower mounting brackets.

The chaps are made specifically for these engine guards for a nice snug fit and there is a tailored opening for highway pegs. Plain is standard, but you can also have them studded to match the rest of your studded accessories. Need additional cutouts for driving lights, pegs? Colors, embroidery, conchos, fringe, or anything else? Just ask and we'll get you fixed up.

Detachable pockets measuring 4" W x 5" H x 2" D are also available.

Keep on ridin'...
(even if it is cold, damp, but otherwise lovely riding weather...)
Engine Guard Chaps are available for:
Harley Davidson-
With more on the way!
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